May Cams Make it possible to Resolve Vehicle accident Claims? Orlando, florida

While dash cams may help provide insight into how an accident occurs, it’s important to note that a front-facing dash cam is only able to provide one view of how an accident occurred and oftentimes don’t include sound. A low-resolution video may provide a partial picture of how an accident occurred, but may only serve to show how the accident happened in real time. The causes of other accidents may be clear-cut, however, and could assist in showing physical conditions that drivers face.

If you are injured in an accident, even if you did not use a dash cam, you may be entitled to compensation. You should not wait to consult with an experienced attorney to know your rights.

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A back-over accident is a crash that occurs when a driver is reversing out of a driveway or parking spot and strikes another person or another vehicle. Unfortunately, back-over accidents are especially deadly for young children.

On average of once per week, two children are killed in back-over crashes and another 48 children suffer injuries and must be treated at a hospital emergency room.

In the vast majority of situations- a total of around 70 percent, according to Kids and Cars – the person who causes the back-over crash that affects the child is either a parent or a close relative. The average age of children in these collisions is just 23 months.carsassorted

An Orlando personal injury lawyer knows back-over crashes often occur because of the blind spots behind vehicles. Rear view cameras can reduce the risk of a collision by significantly improving visibility in the rear of the vehicle.

Rear view Cameras Can Reduce Traffic Crash Risks

According to Auto Channel, AAA recently conducted a study of the impact of rear view cameras on visibility. AAA reviewed 17 different vehicles that were made by a total of 11 different car manufacturers. The vehicles either had a factory-installed rear view camera or had an aftermarket rear view camera that was added to them.

The results of the study demonstrated the improvement in visibility as a result of a rear view camera was 46 percent on average. The improvements were far more pronounced in some vehicles than in others. For example, for hatchback cars, there was a 75 percent improvement in rear visibility when a camera was installed compared to vehicles with no cameras. Even for smaller sedans, there was a 36 percent improvement in rear visibility.

The biggest improvements resulting from rear view camera use involved making it possible to see the 10 feet immediately behind the area where the motor vehicle was backing up. This is the area where children are the most at risk of being run over since it is in the driver’s blind spot. As a result, a significant difference can be made in terms of safety when a rear view camera is installed.

Although rear view cameras can make a big difference, AAA did caution these are not 100 percent effective in all cases. It is important for drivers to continue to follow reasonable safety precautions to ensure they are checking for obstacles before backing out. AAA recommends drivers do a pre-check and walk behind their vehicle before they start driving to make sure that there are no obstacles located within their path. When drivers do this pre-check, they can also make sure the rear view camera is wiped off and free of debris that could affect its effectiveness (mud, dirt, lawn clippings, water, etc.).

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